Did you lose your job recently? What about your neighbor? The people down the street? Did they lose their jobs too? If so, you and your neighbors are not alone. The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that for the month of March, unemployment rates rose from 4.8 percent to 5.1 percent. That’s 434,000 people, folks. And, this doesn’t just affect the people who are actually losing their jobs, but all their families–mostly children. Children who cannot do anything about this economic crisis.

It also affects other businesses, shops, restaurants, and more because of the lack of money that people have due to job losses. But if you think the above statistic is alarming, check this out:

Since March of 2007, the number of unemployed persons was 1.1 million people!

1.1 Million people unemployed since one year ago! If you do have a job, it makes you really grateful, doesn’t it? If you do not have a job, you can feel better that you are not alone, at least. But what really takes the cake is that it is expected to get WORSE! President Bush is in denial that we are heading for a depression rivaling that of the 1930’s after the stock market crashed in 1929. The economic stimulus package that he signed into being, while it will be nice for many people to get some money, is a band-aid solution. Let’s cover up the fact that millions of people have been put out of a job in one year by giving people money. Though the purpose is to put that money back into the economy, what will happen when it is gone? It doesn’t take care of people who are out of work…

So what are you to do? How do you get past the nonsense happening in the government and take your future back into your own hands? Get a job! But after what I have just said, why would you even want to try? Because the economy is still working, even at a reduced rate. People still need to eat, go to the doctor, and…survive. In order to do that, they need other people to be working. Getting a job is just a matter of where to look, and how to position yourself in the line of hiring. How do you do that? By following the simple steps as laid out below:

1. Go where the jobs are. This may be as simple as picking up a newspaper and looking at the want ads, or it may be as complex as getting a membership with an employment website. The type of job you are looking for will determine the level of services you may need.

2. Update your resume. An outdated resume will barely get you noticed, and will quite possibly get thrown in the trash rather than prompt the future employer to call you for an interview. You may have the best skills and experience for the job, but if that information is presented in a way that makes the reader gloss over it and throw it in the trash, it doesn’t matter how good you are if no one know about it.

3. Write a proper cover letter. A cover letter is an introduction to who you are, what you are looking for, and how you can increase that company’s bottom line. It is like a sales letter, because you are, in effect, selling your services to that company. Even when you are responding to an ad through e-mail, you need a proper cover letter for your resume. If your e-mail only says, “Here’s my resume. Call me.”, it will put off the reader and, not only will you not get called, but you may destroy any chances of a second chance. Instead, outline your experiences not listed in the resume, and tell how you would help increase their bottom line financially.

And finally

4. Keep trying! If at first you don’t succeed…well, you know that saying. If one employer won’t hire you, go to the next one, and so on. Keep going until you are hired. Employment websites will supply you with a never-ending supply of leads to choose from, as well as Craigslist, and other free sites. The only thing holding you back from finding job leads is your level of participation.


Airlines shutting down without warning…other industries going bankrupt…what are you supposed to do if you lose your job? Or if you already have lost your job? You could try the traditional job searches…the offline approach where you buy a paper, search the want ads, put in your resume and hope that you get a new job. Of course, everyone else knows about this approach too, so if you want to have an edge in your job search, you need to step up your game. You need an approach that is efficient, economic, and rarely known about to compete in today’s economy. You need something that will give you access to jobs that few people know about.

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